Painting weekend at Golem Paint Studios

Just wanted to say a few words about a recent weekend trip to Manchester to have some one on one painting tuition with Golem Painting Studio’s Tommie Soule.
I had a fantastic weekend with the Golem guys, and Tommie was a great host. Tommie has a really relaxed teaching style and went to great lengths to tailor the weekend to me personally. I was asked to send some pics ahead of time and to bring some stuff I had painted so Tommie could see the level I was at. I also took along some specific models to work on. First of all Tommie just asked me to start painting to see how I would go about things and watched closely to make specific recommendations. Every time there were a few things to mention he stopped me, explained clearly how to change things and why and made sure I understood the concepts and could then go back and execute them. I use the word concepts and they are but Tommie’s style and philosophy is all about keeping things simple.
I wont go into everything here but from holding the brush, holding the model, applying the paint, holding moisture in the brush well (a real painters term! 😉 using the palette, testing the stokes before applying them and tons more.
In addition to the actual painting it was great to have the opportunity to talk to some of the other Golem guys and would like to put a shout out to Gary, Mark (who I had previously met at the Mantic open day) and Luke for making me feel welcome and some general gaming chit chat throughout my time in the studio. They even went out of their way to take me to the Friendly local gaming store on the Saturday night to try and get some games in but unfortunately it was closed.
I learned loads and realise that everyone will have different goals and be at different levels but I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending some time with Tommie and Golem as his style of teaching and skill will have something to offer the novice or the expert and I will definitely be back for more. Thanks for a great weekend guys and looking forward to applying what I have learned.
Ended up spending a fair bit of time on this Cryx pistol wraith to practice the techniques Tommie was passing on. Was really pleased with the result, but better still now know how I can look to improve it! Thanks Tommie!




Link to Golem’s website below. If you are thinking of having some tuition, or want to get something painted would definitely give them a shout.





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