The future of custom basing?

I am not affiliated with this in any way other than being a backer of cool wargaming stuff! If you are after custom bases of all sizes I thought it was pretty cool. Was holding out for an Inifity style one and the Wargames Bakery guys were really responsive to backers comments/needs during the KS. Its all finished now but once all the backers pledges are met you can pick them up from who are going to be the distribution arm for the bases. All you need is some green stuff, your bases and one of their pads to create some pretty great bases. Its the fact you can do this at any size which is pretty great and unique I think, at least i have not come across anything like it.

Here’s a link to the KS page so you can check it out for yourselves (scroll down the page to see all the different styles including some painted example bases)

I havent included any pics as not sure of the copyright etc but would encourage you to take a look for yourselves.

There are a bunch of different styles, personally love the Aboard the Betty (various spaceship style flooring) and the Baker Street AD (Hex/Infinity style) but there were so many to choose from, I couldnt in the end and just kept increasing my pledge. Can’t wait to get the “shiny” now and will post some pics of the pads themselves and update how I get on with creating bases with them.


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