Combined army starter box

As I may have mentioned previously I find it hard to stay focused on one project and my hobby area is awash with multiple mini’s and other stuff I’ve started. However my current goal is to get my Aleph and Combined Army starter boxes finished so I can have a game of Infinity with my son to get used to the rules. Hopefully it also gives me a chance, given there’s only a handful of figures per side, to actually get something finished!!

Anyhow I digress here is a Combined army Charontid with Plasma Rifle. Made a start on the base coats. Purple still needs some work. It’s coming out a bit chalky so I am thinking of repainting the purple dark to light grey and trying a purple wash instead. Also on the box art the little elder like hemes and eyes are glowing with a bit of object source lighting.

My order of day glow pigments from Forged Monkey have turned up so I may give these a go to see how it comes out. Take a look at these forum post on Dakka Dakka and Beasts of War websites to see what I’m talking about.

Dakka post

BoW post

Massive voodoo pigment tutorial

Link to forged monkey site. They took a little while to come but not too long considering they came from out of the country.
Forged Monkey Dayglow pigments

Here’s some pics of progress so far.



Some bigger pics as requested Ellie, never sure what size to use with WordPress as don’t want to clog up people’s bandwidth.




Added some new pics. Have lined in the armour plates to get done separation, covered over the “chalky” purple read to redo the purple again. Also tried to blend the grey a little better (not sure it has made much difference). Still got the purple, green gems and highlighting to do.





Oh and also had to re-glue one of the spiky bits on his back and repaint around it grrrrr! Have also just put a Matt varnish on (after these pics) as I keep scraping paint off as I handled the model.


8 thoughts on “Combined army starter box

  1. Loving the inner orange/yellow glow on the power suit/under armour! If I am not to rude to suggest, perhaps another highlight on it would give it another level of pop. Using a extreme detail brush and only picking certain areas to bring up another level in colour would really take this model from awesome to fantastic.
    Or you could dry brush it aswell if you are good with a standard brush and dry brushing. Just a suggestion, I’ll be following your posts as I think combine are my next army!!

    • Thanks so much, both you’re and Wurmwoods kind words are really motivatingme to keep going and make it as good as I can. Colours wise primed in white. Colours for the yellow bits were a yellow glaze using the GW Lamentors Yellow glaze, a careful wash of gryphon Sepia (old GW wash) in the recesses and then a very light wash of GW Baal (old GW wash) over that. Then went over lightly again with the yellow glaze.

  2. Oh I like the updated photos!! The extra details and the touch ups to the grey have really made it pop! And I feel your pain with parts coming off. I kept dropping one of my bots and breaking/bending/chipping bits off. Such fiddly little guys!

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