Combined Army Starter box continued…

Just a heads up this post is quite picture heavy.

So, after much messing about have finally got this looking to where I am reasonably happy with it. The photos make it look a little untidy in places but from a distance I am really pleased with it. Especially pleased with the gems and glow effect as have never painted these before. Thanks to Wurmwood for the advice on the yellow highlights I think it definitely helped the inner armour pop πŸ˜‰
I know I could definitely spend more time on it but frankly I really want to move into something else. I still have to base him/her properly but looking to airbrush a whole load of bases in one go so will update the pics and show the finished model once I have done this.

I have really enjoyed this model and trying out techniques to try and improve my painting. However I have decided I spent way to long on this one if I want to get both Aleph and Combined Army starters done ready to play with. I think I just procrastinated too much and then kept trying little things which went wrong and I had to keep correcting to get him back to as good before. Also those Β£&@#^ vanes on his back kept breaking off despite using green stuff grrrr!

I also have a load of MDF scenery to build and paint as well. So whilst the painting side is a large part of the hobby for me and I am really concentrating on trying to improve I am changing my approach whilst still trying to improve. I will try to paint a little faster and get the basics done well on them all and then revisit each model in turn again to improve upon them.

This way hopefully I can get a pair of reasonable looking forces on the table to play with and then look to add more highlights, better blends etc but also get broader practice across different models and colour schemes etc.
I have the Penthesilea model which I really want to try and do my best job on as it is just such a great model. To be fair though I really love the sculpts and look of the Infinity aesthetic.
Here’s some finished (for now) pics of the Charontid.









Moving on to the Malignos with combo rifle next.


Thanks for looking. Please feel free to leave any advice, guidance or critique in the comments , be gentle I am a sensitive soul πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Combined Army Starter box continued…

  1. Oh wow it came out awesome!! Can’t imagine how you got such nice clean lines on him! I struggle with a lot of stuff like that and so I have a tendency to avoid lines. And his colours really pop. Looks amazing!

    And that’s a good idea, about giving them paint jobs to play with and then being able to relax as you go through them and do highlights. I look forward to seeing you getting them all based up πŸ˜€

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement El. Have to admit it’s the warm welcome from yourself and Wurmwood especially that is helping me push forward so I have something to progress and update. Cheers guys πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Badger, much appreciated. The photos have washed it out a little but the main armour is supposed to be a light grey. I think that’s one of the areas I could definitely do with darkening and blending better I think.
      Basing wise I have some hex based floor style bases I picked up so looking to use one of those. Have a few though so want to airbrush them together on a piece of cardboard so I get the colours consistent and can then use them for both the Aleph and Combined Army starter boxes.

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