Aleph Wedding style link and Combined Army update…

Been a while since my last update as have just had no time to paint. Combination of busy work schedule and some family committments. Its one of those family commitments that provides me a somewhat tenuous link to my Aleph starter army painting.

Unfortunately I have not progressed any additional models for the Aleph but in the fluff a lot of the background is linked to ancient Indian culture. One of the reasons last couple of weekends and some evenings have been really busy is my cousin Zach was getting married to the lovely Kinali. On my Mum’s side of the family I have a load of Indian relatives. How can a british born English lad raised in London  have Indian roots? Its complicated but Mum was originally born in India in the 1940s and through her side of the family we have a history and a load of relatives. I love the food, culture and was spoilt by my Nan as a kid with a particular desert, gulab jamun. If you have never tried them given them a go they are delicious, especially with a little vanilla ice-cream. It was a fantastic wedding spread over a number of days to account for all the traditional stuff they had to do. It was a great time, so colourful, fun and full of joy and interesting traditions the whole family loved it. Congrats Zach and Kinali and I wish you many years of happiness together!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Tenuous wargaming link complete. Onto the painting 😉

Have been slowly progressing the Malignos with Combi rifle from the starter box. As with the Charontid I have attempted to copy the box art/scheme.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Airbrushed grey then white to get some pre-shading done and had already used a yellow glaze on the bottom half as you saw in the last photos. Continued this for the arms and went for a bluey grey for the leg and body armour. Not overly happy with the smoothness of this or the shading/highlights but its OK I think. Much happier withsome of the other bits. For the sword tried an experiment using a combo of really old style GW inks (blue and green) and I think this worked quite well, I am pretty pleased with it. for the shoulder pads, head and other greeny type elements (feet, hands) I used a combination of Secret weapon washes, baby poop (yes it is called that!) and stone with a little of GW green glaze. For the gun highighted up for a the preshaded grey and then did the blue gem like stones. I also experimented with the dayglo powders to get the blue glow effect from the gemstones and red around the sight. Was quite pleased with the result and really easy to do, but very effective. Also used a little of the green powder on the mask eye sockets.

Here’s some pics.




Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Will get some better pics once I have gloss varnished the gem stones.

Probably going to stop there with this guy for now and revisit at later to date in order to move on to the next model. Not sure if I’ll go with trying to get my tacbots done, try to copy Cappuccino Gaming’s Deva or Asura (check her blog for pics they are great ) or stick with the Combined Army. Have four Morat Vanguard infantry (got an extra one for free from a demo game at Salute earlier this year) so may have a go at trying to batch/speed paint these and see how I get on as paint scheme on the box is all pretty much the same.

Have also done a little airbrushing of some Infinity style bases I intend to use for these guys but not finished yet.

Think thats it for now, until next time and remember, Aleph is watching….



2 thoughts on “Aleph Wedding style link and Combined Army update…

  1. Oooh pretty wedding. I love how ornate the clothes are for those traditional weddings. So so pretty!!

    And wow!! He has come up amazing!! I absolutely love the effect on the leg armor pieces and the body plate.

    Thankyou so much for linking me!!! Incredibly flattered that you like my little guys 🙂 (or should I say, girls haha)

    • Thanks a lot El, really appreciated. Yep clothes etc were all great, a couple of my sisters actually wore sari’s. I will be getting some better pics up as really pleased with the mottling/little dots on the arm and helmet/head. Have glossed the gems now as well but need to get the pics with the camera as the phone won’t focus that close :(. You’re Aleph are fantastic and if mine come out half as well will be well chuffed 🙂

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