Just a quick update on the Morats

Not had to much time lately so just a quick update. Some pics of the Morats so far. Quite pleased with the “inside” green on the trousers and the first face. Some more progress this weekend hopefully 😉









7 thoughts on “Just a quick update on the Morats

    • Thanks Badger, you’re right the details are amazing. I really struggled to get anything done on the eyes as they are so tiny. It’s not perfect but they are done but you probably can’t see them in the pix. Took a few attempts though! I wondered if the highlights on the face need to be more subtle but to be honest from a distance they look ok. Thanks for the supportive words:)

    • Thanks so much Leeman. So far haven’t had time to progress any further but hoping to get a little more done today if possible. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated 😉

      • Are you going for the studio scheme or something different? I like the subtle highlights you’ve done. They’re something I’ve always struggled with (although that could be because I’m too lazy to mix and blend!)

      • Hi Leeman, yep trying to copy the paint scheme on the starter box. Decided to use it as source material to give me something to compare against and try and measure myself against. Clearly I knowthat they will be anywhere as good as the studio jobs but it gives me something to aim for. Also I am useless at coming up with my own colour schemes :$

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