Sadly no painting time :( but a Xmas idea if you have kids (or brothers/sisters/nephews/nieces etc)

Have really struggled to make any progress on the painting front for the last couple of weeks. Work is really busy and in between that and family stuff have just not had any time.

What little hobby time I have had has been spent cleaning up and putting together some Mantic Dreadball stuff. Reason for this distraction from my Infinity stuff is explained below.

I have a mountain of plastic from the Kickstarter earlier this year with a number of teams to put together and get painted. I love Mantic and their games but a little disappointed with the cleanup required now I have looked at in detail. However with December only round the corner I had an idea. We have a Santa shaped ones with 24 little drawers for our son and daughter. I have decided to put the robot team together for my 10year old son and use them as gifts for the advent calendar. Overall I have about 12 -15 models including the prone model so I came up with the idea of sticking the built and primed models in the drawers interspersed with some chocolates. By Xmas he’ll have a Dreadball team of his own full and I can drop a few paints and brushes into his stocking for the big day so we can get painting and a few games in over Xmas.

It’s a bit of distraction from my Infinity painting which I was really hoping to have done well before Xmas to get some games of that in as well but I’ve obviously got a deadline of the 1st Dec for the Dreadball team to get it in the advent calendar so will be back on the Morats soon (it’s a personal thing but really don’t like playing with unpainted stuff if I can help it). Also have a ton of the mdf scenery to build that I got for my birthday (a mix of and Microarts stuff).

Will get some pics of the robots up once done before they find there way into the little drawers just so we have a record of before and after my son has a a go at painting them.

Also expect to receive my copy of Allesio Cavatore’s Loka soon from that Kickstarter and looking forward to having a go with the airbrush to do some simple colour schemes on each of the elemental factions. Was planning on having a go at a basic xenethal highlighting technique and maybe a wash in base green red yellow and blue colours for each faction

Have a load of other KS stuff that should be coming so hope to have a good Xmas! Not that I really need any more hobby stuff to build or paint- at least that’s what my wife says 😉

Only other thing painting wise to talk about is I treated myself to a days NMM painting class with Golem Painting Studio on 30th Nov. if you haven’t heard of them Golem are the studio that painted a lot of the studio Mantic stuff amongst others games systems/companies. I had done one to one tuition with Tommie Soule, their main man back in January that I wrote about not long after starting my blog and I had a great time and learned loads (the pistol wraith you can see in earlier blog from Jan was the result of that session) so really looking forward to this and learning some new skills. Hope to be able to put them into practice finishing off the Morats!
If you want to check out some of the Golem teams stuff for yourself take a look here: Golem website
Will hopefully have a write up of my day and some pics up not long after 30th.

Sorry no other news or pics just now but hope Dec will prove to be a better month painting wise. :$

Pete out!


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