Festive update…. Not too much to report… Yet :-)

Hi all,
Sadly not finding the time to paint much lately due to some demanding work stuff. However did get up to Manchester for Golem Painting Studios NMM master class. The class was great and it’s always fun and interesting painting with Tommie. To be honest I struggled a little but it did re- enforce some of the techniques I had picked up in my one to one lesson with Tommie in Jan this year. I was going to do a write up of the NMM day but there is a great update on the Beasts of War website so will put a link to it below if you are interested in reading a bit more.

Golem Painting Studio NMM class review

The day wasn’t really about finishing a model and more about trying the techniques. The model supplied was a space marine and there is a pic of my attempt on one of the back panels at the end of the post.

Fortunately I have some time off over Christmas and new year so hoping to get some painting and games in. My son loved getting the Dreadball Robot team in his advent calendar. The MVP Firewall is in the 24th. He now has a full team and had started painting them up himself. Here are some pics of his 10 year old handiwork. Pics are not the best as grabbed on the phone but I think they look great and looking forward to getting some games in against my Sling-Ton Gunners Corporation team over the festive period.

Hoping to get some more Infinity stuff finished as well as get some scenery built and at least base coated with the airbrush. Got the Spartan Games building and towers kit. Looks really cool but a little complicated to put together, there’s loads of pieces! Will update you on how easy or not it was once I’ve had a go 🙂
Harrison’s robot Dreadball team ready for action:








Xmas Day update: took so long to post this actually have my pressies now. Amongst many other lovely stuff hobby wise I got Aleph Achilles model and some Rebots. Also some Bandua Games scenery. Enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone!


7 thoughts on “Festive update…. Not too much to report… Yet :-)

  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and found your report about the masterclass very informative. I thought of attending one myself, but down here there seem to be no opportunities to do so.

    On another note: Is the chess board in your header a project of yours? If yes I would be interested to read more aboit it.

    • Hi Dagger, thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Unfortunately that’s not my chess set I’m afraid 😦 it is one of the wordpress templates and I picked it purely as it’s a game with a board and toy soldiers and provably represents the first tabletop wargame 🙂 aldo I thought it looked cool! I do have full sets of the Mantic Games Loka models which represent the chess pieces as four fantasy based elemental armies representing fire, earth, air and water. I do intend to at least airbrush a basecoat and shade/highlight them at some stage so will make sure I post some pics when I do. Would advise taking a look at the Mantic site if you haven’t seen them, they are really nice just as chess pieces but I have enjoyed introducing the game to the family to. Thanks again Pete.

      • I am looking forward to see pictures of the finished chess set. Mantic has some really cool stuff. Always wanted to try their take on a Dungeon Crawler dwarven style.

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