Build it and they will come!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year to you all!

Hope Santa brought you all you wished for.

That’s enough of that as I realise I’m a bit late given its 7th January so apologies for a distinct lack of updates.

On to this update and reason for the title of this post. I had said I was hoping to get some games, painting and building done over the holidays so how did I do?

Well on the gaming front I’d score myself a 3/5.
Building 4/5 (largely due to coercing my wife to help out πŸ™‚
Painting 1/5 😦

I played a few games just not a whole lot of wargaming ones.

Harrison, my 10yo son put his Dreadball robot team to good use and beat me twice- lol (see previous post for an interesting idea for advent calendars if you have younger ones in your household or family/friends circle and they like models. You can also see Harrison’s paint job I think he did great!)

Also enjoyed some games of Loka which arrived from the Kickstarter in time to be Xmas Pressie. The models are fantastic and I’m going to have to put some paint on them but only after I finish my Infinity stuff. But I digress…
Loka was really fun and got my wife and Harrison’s older sister playing with minis too! I think it is a good introduction game for wargaming concepts for friends and family who are perhaps curious about our somewhat “special” hobby and most people get the concept of chess even if they don’t know how all the pieces move. It was great as you could add on the more wargaming type rules like dice, scenery and special rules as you want so you can make it as close or different to chess as you become more confident with the rules.

Also enjoyed a few other boardgames we picked up such as Zombies, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne and of course Munchkin! As an old school D&D player from the eighties I just love that game.
Had a game of something called cards against humanity on New Years Eve with some friends. It was a great laugh but if your easily offended don’t look it up as some of the stuff is pretty raw. You can actually download a .pdf and print the cards for free yourself if you want to. I was genuinely spitting beer at some of the stuff that cane out it was so funny but some of the other things did get sharp in takes of breath from some of the more sensitive, or less lubricated souls round the table. But as I say it horses for courses. Definitely not one to play with Mum and Dad, not mine anyway πŸ˜‰

All of which were really great but I will do a post about them another time if anyone is interested.

On the wargaming side, not counting Loka πŸ˜‰ I did also get two very small basic starter rules Infinity games in with my son and a friend with just 5 models a side, see table pics showing off some of my new scenery later for what we played across (will be awesome when it’s all painted!)

We all really loved it so have downloaded all the missions, created an account on the forum and determined to get my scenery and models painted. My friend is actually considering picking up another faction so that will be great.

On the building front as I said think I have to give myself a 4/5. I didn’t quite get everything built but most of it is done.

Some of it like the Microarts advertising hoardings I am going to have to paint before gluing together and the same for the Bandua walls. However all the Spartan Games stuff, my Microarts 3 story building, Warmill stronghold and pod with walkways and my new Bandua industrial ramps and walkways all done. I have one Microarts L shaped large building to do and said advertising boards. All of it just needs painting now so I should get some airbrush practice in! Have to say out of all of it the Warmill pod and walls was the hardest to put together and had to unstick a few bits as I realised I had built it incorrectly. Just be aware the walls and pod are separate but you can get them in the same pack ax I did so don’t stick the stairs on the from of the pod! It does does look great finished though. I must say my favourite of the stuff I have in terms of look, materials and how it goes together was the Spartan Towers set. I love the way the walls slide out and don’t need to be glued but are firm when in place the the modular nature of it. You can create loads of cool layouts and looking forward to getting it all painted. I would definitely recommend their stuff if you haven’t come across it before.

Which brings me to painting which unfortunately is the bit I am really interested in improving in but have spent least time on so only giving myself 1/5

I have basecoated the some of the Bandua buildings and the Microarts resin walls. The only actual things I finished painting were the Microarts resin boxes/barriers. Had a go with the airbrush and you can see them in some of the pics below. Not brilliant but I’m happy with them as it was quite quick to do and the pre-shading with just grey undercoat, then white highlights and transparent paint is quite effective. Let me know what you think?

On the model front I got Achilles for my Aleph for Xmas but not the Steel Phalanx starter to go with him. I have promised it to myself but will only pick it up once I have finished painting the Infinity models I already have.

Think that’s enough rambling from me for now so thanks for looking/reading if you do and I hope you all have a prosperous and healthy 2014 filled with lots of games and painting and anything else that brings you and those important to you happiness and fulfilment in the coming year!

All the best

The Crispy One πŸ™‚














6 thoughts on “Build it and they will come!

  1. Nice work getting some gaming in over Christmas. Between travelling and a new banjo not a lot happened gaming-wise in my neck of the woods. The terrain is going to look terrific with a bit of paint. Something worth fighting over πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Dagger, thanks slot I am really pleased to have most of it put together now. Painting wise I quite like the clean white scifi look I gave seen on other Infinity stuff with some bright accent colours. However I also like the grey like blue and white I have seen on the Spartan games website of their infinity stuff.

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