Painting again! 

Been a while but been very very slowly getting some painting done. Have been playing a few games of Infinity N3 and so gradually working through my Aleph stuff. Nothing completely finished yet but here’s what I’m working on . Nothing finished but lots on the table! 
Also been working on getting my backlog of scenery but but I’ll save that for another post! 


3 thoughts on “Painting again! 

    • Thanks Lee. They are some figs I dug out from the original Reaper Bones KS. There are about 5 of them and to be honest I was planning to use them as practice models for the Aleph paint scheme. However may now use them as Myrmidons for a potential Steel Phalanx list. I have the starter box and a few other sectorial models so gives me an alternative option to have a go with bedore investing in the Myrmidon box.

      • Great idea! Myrmidons are fantastic anyhow, both in terms of looks and how they play on the table, so you can’t go wrong either way! 🙂

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