The Painting Continues

Here’s some more pics of the scheme I’ve been practicing for a potential future Steel Phalanx force. Used some Original Reaper Bones kickstarted figures to practice on. Overall happy with the tabletop quality they have come out, have decided I really do want to get better  at painting and to that end trying  to get a more regular painting regime sorted. 

So here are some pics : 

I can now see how I could make improvements but will park them for now. Intending to proxy them as Mymidons for my games at home to see how I get on first and then maybe pick the box set up. I have the Steel Phalanx starter and a few of the hero models so will come up with a list and give them a spin.

Also really looking forward to a painting weekend workshop I’ve got coming up soon through the WAMP kickstarter I recently backed. Brushes are awesome but really looking forward to the workshop. 

Was also really fortunate to meet up with one of the guys who will be running one of the painting days classes as found out we live real close to each other. His name is John Keys, awesome painter and great guy who gave up his own time to come and just help me out and give me some tips. Cheers again John! You can check out some of his stuff here:

And here:
Hoping to get some more regular updates & more WiP type shots  up now to encourage me to keep up my practice regime. However said that before and failed so let’s see if I can be more successful this time. :$

Also got in a couple more games of Infinity and really enjoying it. Haven’t moved on to ITS missions but using the YAMS cards from Wargaming Trader and definitely adds to the fun. Once we get a few more games under our belts may give the ITS ones, classified objectives  a go. 

Happy gaming & hobbying and hope to get another update up next week and maybe a post about the WAMP painting weekend the week after. 
All the best


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