Is it a bird…no it’s a bit more painting :-)

Bit more work on the model kindly donated by John Keys this weekend. Decided to try and give him that sort of street “superhero” kickass movie  look.  Thought I’d nearly finished but then photos showed up all the bits I need to go back and tidy up! 

Still trying to put into practice John Keys Light to dark, dark to light advice from the WAMP workshop a few weeks back. Enjoying it so far and quite pleased with the progress but think the gloves could be better 🙂

Really pleased with the face though,  probably best one I’ve painted. Left profile needs a bit more work though and need to redo the left eye. Thanks to Scott Hockley for all the great flesh / skin painting advice at the recent WAMP workshop.

These Hasslefree minis are so characterful. Trying to get some practice in to improve and then back to the paint jobs on my Infinity backlog. Also wanted to get a bit more practice in before going back to that lovely Boudii from the workshop and trying to finish her off .

 Thanks for looking and happy painting 🙂    


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