Better late than never ;)

Been a long time between posts and for that I have no excuse really other than real life and not enough time.

I have realised trying to actually write stuff and also keep up to date with building, painting, hopefully playing (need to do more of this!) and actually being a Dad, Husband, Brother, Son etc is simply not something I can seriously devote time to (no surprise there if anyone actually does stumble across this and they look at the frequency of posts) so I expect the posts to still be pretty sporadic this year.

However I do intend to still post some pics and minor updates based on the the painting stuff I complete, for myself more than anyone else really so I can see how stuff hopefully progresses over time (and if it actually improves by some miracle!)

I am determined that this year I do put more time in on the painting side to try and genuinely improve my skills and actually practice far more. So far, with the exception of of couple of days I have managed to keep my promise to myself to try and paint at least 30mins a day. Lets see how long I can keep that up :$

Had a go at some NMM but it was horrible so going to focus more on my core skills first.

Whilst all that is going on I also want to try and getting some games in and have tried to instigate a regular night once a week. It doesn’t always work out due to work but am hoping it will be better knowing its pencilled in on a regular day.

Looks like the Dust Kickstarter debacle may actually sort itself out now  so hoping to eventually receive the rest of my outstanding stuff. Have played a couple of small Dust Tactics games with a friend (don’t have enough stuff for bigger due to afore mentioned KS) and they were fun and enjoyable so looking forward to being able to get some more games in once the rest of the stuff shows up.

Now I had intended for Infinity to be my primary game of choice with Dust as a nice alternative (as models mostly come sort of built/primed). However recently in addition some KS stuff that arrived (see below) I have also bought into the Frostgrave stuff (fantasy skirmish) and I really like the look of it. Have ordered a snow gaming mat and will add it to the big to do pile.  So together with the Dungeon Saga stuff from Mantic I may actually have a use for all that fantasy stuff I picked up from the original Reaper Bones KS ages ago.

Too many super looking games now and not enough time to build, paint play them all…. too easily distracted that’s my problem. Really does seem there is so much choice now and with board game style games like Dreadball, Dungeon Saga, Zombiecide and the like seems to be a really cool time to be a miniature games hobbyist. I know I’m unlikely to resist backing the new Walking Dead game from Mantic when that comes to KS as that is my favourite show on TV right now.

Talking of Kickstarters I have had the Mantic KoW stuff arrive, also the Dungeon Saga boardgame/roleplaying hybrid. Loads of cool stuff in that and have played through the intro scenarios with my wife, son and daughter. Definitely evokes memories of Gauntlet with the Wizard, Elf, Barbarian and Dwarf fighting it out with the  denizens of the deep. Sort of took me back to my old D&D days and I guess that was what I liked about it in the first place and an opportunity to potentially do some “lite” roleplaying with the kids.

I now have two friends and my son interested in playing Infinity and one of these has also invested in a number of cool KS  games such as Myth and Mercs and Dreadball Extreme. Really enjoyed Dreadball Extreme, so much my son got it for Xmas so also hopefully going to get a Dreadball Extreme league going this year.

So to finish off and show the output of my January painting spree here are some pics of the stuff that comes in the Dreadball Extreme box that my son got for Xmas and I have painted up.

I have to apologise in advance given my objectives mentioned at the start of this update though that I have to hold my hands up and say I have tried to speed-paint  these to get them done in order to play with them (rather than do a great job). All the models are one piece and have to say in the end given they are playing pieces and  I really didn’t clean them up all that well  and the paint jobs are a bit messy but functional from a distance and I am relatively pleased with them. Painted them using a combination of the airbrush for the main base-coat colours (for speed) and then touched up, washed and highlighted with a brush.

I also did enjoy weathering up all the scenery, crates and scoring posts and this was done with some Mig Chipping Set for Mechas (really bought for Dust models) and  Model Mates Rust effect  – both highly recommended and pleased with the results. I probably went a bit over the top but I think they came out looking cool considering it all supposed to be an underground/illegal gaming style game. Anyway here are the pics.



Also I had some problems with an Army Painter primer (left a textured effect on the minis) and some varnish issues that caused me to repaint the Kalyshi (blue ladies team). With regards to the textured finish of the primer (it was the Skeleton Bone one) I thought this ended up looking cool on the Convict team’s Sponsor’s blue suit as it ultimately gave it a velvet looking feel I thought but not so good on the other stuff. Also up close it doesn’t look great but I wasn’t going to strip and redo them.  As they are gaming pieces I just had to make the best of it I could.

I know I could do better but I want to get back to my Infinity stuff and doing as good a job as I can on those. I have now built ALL of my Aleph models and just now need to get them painted. Unfortunately still not even looked at the PanO and Nomads stuff that came with IceStorm and the additional models I picked up to take both armies up to 300+ points. First things first though my Aleph is calling…

That’s it for now, other than to say if you do stumble across this I hope you have a successful, happy and healthy 2016.


Combined Army Painting updates…

Hi All,

Sorry long time no post! Have been really busy at work and just havent really had much time to paint or game for a while but have managed a little progress. So here’s a short update.

Have finished off the Morats and Witch soldier. There is some more I could do to them but going to move on for now and come back to them later. Just basing to do. Can’t believe the new ones are out now and look really great, but it serves me right for taking a year to paint 5 models!

Morat pics:



Photo 07-04-2014 15 44 28Daturazi Witch Soldier:

Daturazi Witch Soldier

Daturazi Witch Soldier

Photo 07-04-2014 15 48 22Photo 09-04-2014 13 22 11



Photo 07-04-2014 15 45 11Photo 07-04-2014 15 45 37Photo 07-04-2014 15 43 53

Attempt at some OSL from the dagger

Attempt at some OSL from the dagger











Shasvastii Noctifier with Spitfire:

Shasvatii Noctifier Spitfire

Shasvatii Noctifier Spitfire

Photo 07-04-2014 15 50 59Photo 07-04-2014 15 49 03Photo 07-04-2014 15 50 59Photo 07-04-2014 15 49 09

Used Anarchy Models Hex stencil to do inside of cloak

Used Anarchy Models Hex stencil to do inside of cloak

As mentioned above have used Anarchy Models hex stencil to achieve the hex effect pattern with the airbrush  on the inside of the cloak. This was a Kickstarter I backed a while ago and i recently attended a days airbrushing course with Brian, the guy behind the KS and Anarchy Models. It was a great day, I learned alot and got to play around with the stencils which gave me the confidence to attempt this. Going to try something similar on my Aleph rebots I think. I was surprised how well it turned out as I did not really expect it to work so well on standard 28mm smaller models. Really pleased with the Shasvastii. Just need to finish of his gun.

Also I took along some stuff to practice with on the day and used this Eldar bike to have a go with some digital camo style stencils. The effect is amazingly easy to achieve using the stencils. I was really impressed. I stuffed up looking to lighten the nose cone bit at the front but you get the idea.

Photo 09-04-2014 15 36 19

Eldar bike using Digi Camo stencil

Eldar bike using Digi Camo stencil

Photo 09-04-2014 15 35 15 Photo 09-04-2014 15 35 36

You can check out the stencils and what you can do with them yourself by taking a look at Anarchy Models Youtube channel.

Highly recommend them.

Thats it for now, looking forward to Salute on Saturday and will try to remember to get some pics of the great boards, scenery and other shenanigans. Also only the Shrouded with Sniper rifle left and Combined Army models I own will be done and will get back onto my Aleph (assuming of course I don’t pick up anything shiny at Salute!

One last nugget you may be interested in if you have a smarthphone/device. I was looking on the app store for mini painting related apps and came across two.

Mpainter (£6.99) & Paintmyminis (£1.99).  The apps basically let you record your various colour schemes, mixes, painting diary/progress so you don’t forget that particular painting combo if you want to repeat it further down the line. Both seem quite similar  but have there own features etc. Both also include a number of the main paint brands already built in such as Vallejo, Citadel, P3 etc as well as add your own manually so its simply a case of selecting your colours/quantities etc and noting what you painted. I haven’t used either myself but intended to give them a spin.

The reason for highlighting it here was that I contacted both developers to ask about the products and if they were adding Army Painters range of paints/inks/washes/primers and some other potential features. Both came back to me really quickly and advised updates etc will be ongoing and welcomed contact/feedback and ideas for improvements.

However the great thing is the Mpainter developer mentioned if I hadnt bought it yet to hold on as he is going to make it Free very soon as it was never really the intention to make it a  paid or app in the long term. It was putting something back into the painting community. How cool is that!! So if you are interested check it out at or the Apple App store,/Google Play,  just search for MPainter and it should be free to download soon. I’ll definitely pick it up then and will try and do a quick review once I have had a chance to put it use.

As always thanks for looking and if you going to Salute, have a great time!

All the best