WAMP Painting Workshop and more minis

If you don’t know, WAMP is an online forum focussed on mini painters . The quality of some of the stuff on there is fantastic. There is also an online store.  I recently backed a Kickstarter they ran to introduce a new brush line. They have partnered with Rosemary & Co (paint brush co here in the UK) to bring about a new set of brushes for mini painters. I backed for the brushes but also for a weekend workshop with Scott Hockley and John Keys. Google them to see there stuff on Cool mini and other sites or check out their blogs :

Scott’s is here: Black Hand Painting blog

And John’s here:
The Miniature Madness of Megazord Man
So a couple of weekends ago I was really fortunate to be at the WAMP workshop. It was really inspiring, with some great tips and training from John Keys and Scott Hockley as well as great company of the other attendees (whilst painting and out in the evening!) . Awesome to see others work up close and personal. Had a great time and below is some WiP  of the lovely model we worked on over the two days (Steampunk Boudee I think it’s called) and also a practice Hasslefree model generously donated by John just prior to the workshop that I am continuing to practice some of the techniques he showed us. 

I was really fortunate to meet up with John personally just before the WAMP workshop as well and continuing to practice the techniques he demonstrated. I have had mixed results so far (blending always an issue for me) but at least I know what to attempt to do now! I have been working on the technique of blending on the model and light to dark approach John showed me. Hoping to also try out and practice Scott Hockley’s skin technique once I can get the trousers right! Quite a way still to go but enjoying it πŸ™‚ 

 Bye for now and thanks to Brett Darklord on the WAMP site for organising it and everyone else for making it such a great and fun weekend. 

Here’s the concept art for the mini we worked on at the workshop.    
And here’s a pic of my effort during the workshop . Still a WIP obviously. 

Check out Scott’s blog for his finished version he brought along to the workshop – beautifully done. 

Also here’s some pics of me practicing some of John’s techniques he taught us as well on a mini he kindly donated . 

Practicing the blending on the model and the light to dark contrast on the shirt and trousers. Still lots more practice needed to make those transitions smoother!   

That’s it for now folks. Keep well and may your paint always be moist πŸ™‚